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“We have dramatically lowered rates of mobile browsing but people are not accustomed to using 3G or 4G due to previous high prices. We made television campaigns, public and online, but our users are still looking for wi-fi connections in stores and other venues to avoid the charges of 3G/4G”.


To create an action/tool that encourages the habit of browsing on 3G and 4G and brings the brand and users closer together.


Surfers Claro is an Android/iOS App with which users can earn rewards for geolocation. It works through GPS and is connected only through 3G. So users “find” rewards spontaneously in certain parts of the city and they are activated by a check-in sharing on their social networks.
We’ll drive traffic to locations where wi-fi is not available by having promotional activities at these spots to encourage users to use 3G/4G.

Claro Perú

Creative Direction:
Hector Palacio, Andy Sparti

Technical consultancy:
Andy Sparti