UX/UI / Visual design

“We are the leading company in European legal publishing.
We need to migrate our extensive law library products to a mobile platform (tablet) so that users can not only access their books in a convenient way, but also interact with them and cross reference them transversely.”


The bibliographic content offered by this company is very complex and diverse. We have to find the easiest way to cross-reference the information in a natural way for the users and allow them a richer interaction experience than they had with the paper versions.
On the other hand, for the kind of user profile that we focus on, we cannot deviate much from the visual language of the paper they are used to.


The app designed by Boldsensation had wide acceptance in the sector. In three months, EFL subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, Belgium and UK, literally copied the model to apply to their markets.

Francis Lefebvre Editorial

UX / UI / Visual Design:
Andy Sparti